Egg Hunts Galore

Ryan and Evan ended up doing three Easter Egg hunts this year.  It was so crazy that we just forgot the dying of eggs all together.  I've clumped the three hunts into one post so you only have to suffer through my pictures once. 

Stuart and Brooke are in the States for the summer between their posts in China and Singapore.  It has been really amazing to have Ocean and Maple around, I've been loving on them lots!  The boys are super excited to have another cousin around, and I don't think they've even notice Maple's existence yet. 

Brooke's family invited us to the Thanksgiving Point Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning.  I had another commitment so Colin took the boys and met up with them there.  They said that it was kind of lame overall because there were so many people there.  The boys seemed to have enjoyed themselves anyhow. 

My Boys


Ryan, Evan, and Ocean

Evan, Stuart and Ocean on his shoulders (cut off)
Ocean riding on Ryan's shoulders
The boys riding around
Stuart and Colin
Ryan climbing up the inflatable

The second hunt we did was at my parent's house in Bluffdale.  Stuart and Brooke were also invited with their two kids so it made the afternoon that much more fun!

The last egg hunt we did was at the Heilner's (Brooke's parents) house in Provo.  They have a total of 9 grand kids and with our two there were 11 kids (and 10 adults).  It was a lot of fun and the food was super yummy.  They do their hunt a littler differently and I thought it was a nice twist on the traditional. The kid who finds the most eggs (all were empty) gets first pick of some toys that the grandparents had purchased.  Evan came away with a nerf water gun  and Ryan got some walkie talkies. 



JULIE said…
Jen, all the egg hunts looked like so much fun. I am so bummed that Violet missed 2 hunts 2 weekends in a row. First one she was sick and the Easter Sunday one she decided to nap for an epic 4.5 hours and we missed all the festivities! I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of her in a springtime outfit collecting eggs. Jon reminds me it was for the sake of her health that she napped so long, she obviously needed the rest. Nonetheless, I am tempted to buy eggs and recreate Easter at a park just to snap some pictures!

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