Vegas: Daytime edition

Colin and I met up with our friends Mark and Clare from England in Las Vegas for a couple of days.  We had a lot of fun playing tour guides and showing them around the city of Las Vegas.  We really had a great time and it was hard to say goodbye and come home.  Our boys stayed with their friends and grandparents while we were away and had a really fun time too.  I've divided our little trip into daytime and night time activities because I can't remember the order in which we did things and I also don't have any pictures from our first day.   
 The Bellagio is probably one of our favorite hotels.  It's so classy and romantic.  The fountains outside and the gardens inside are always a hit!

This week Las Vegas had temperatures north of 100 degrees.  It was HOT!!! Luckily though, when walking around on the strip (and elsewhere) we were able to escape into the nice air-conditioned buildings.

 We decided to hit the pool a couple of mornings and it was perfect.  The pool was freezing but the Las Vegas heat was brutal, so the cool water was definitely welcome!
 We had to show them to an In-N-Out burger! They loved it too.
I think Mark said it was his favorite meal.  Ha ha ha!
 Colin and Mark went to the shooting range while Clare and I opted for the outlet mall instead.
 Another day we had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Carrot Top the comedian walked right past us while we were eating and was seated at a table around the corner from us.  I'm not a fan of his but it was cool to see a celebrity nonetheless.

 We hit up the Coca Cola store and had a blast checking out all of their fun merchandise.

 M&M world is another hit.  We had a fun time checking out all of the goodies there.

 This is the wall of colors.  M&Ms in any color you can imagine!

 We watched this little 3D movie there.
It was the best 3D movie ever! 
 I love Coke products.  It's hard not to buy everything in the enormous store.
 There is an arcade downstairs, so we played there for a few minutes too.

 Clare and Mark watch the show "Pawn Stars" and were really looking forward to going to see the actual store.  Unfortunately, all of the guys on the show had gone home for the day already, but it was pretty cool to go see anyway.  I'm dying to watch the show now.
 There's Clare in the front of the store!  She was totally stoked!


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