Independence Day in the Nation's Capital

Being in Washington DC, the capitol of our country, on it's Independence Day is a pretty neat experience.  While we watched fireworks that night, we could see out over the city and down onto the National Mall toward the Washington Monument, The Capital Building, and the White house.  We sat on the grass near the Iwo Jima statue, which is one of my favorites.  It was a once in a lifetime kind of experience that I'm glad we didn't pass up.
All of us (except for me) walking to dinner

Lil Dean Fam in front of the Iwo Jima statue on the 4th of July!

Katie, Stuart, Colin, Erin
Stuart, Ocean, Brooke and Maple
My boys

The crowd was HUGE and it was kind of hard to get a spot to sit on the grass because several areas were restricted.  However, it was manageable and it really was an amazing experience being in Washington DC on the Fourth of July.  



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