Grandma and Grandpa took all three grand kids camping last weekend.  They took their trailer and went down to Springville.  The boys told me all about it when they got home, I was surprised by how much I missed them after just two days!  I think their favorite part was the s'mores!  

Friday night one of my cousins got married so they took the kids and went to the wedding.  That's why they look so "nice" for a camping trip.  
 My mom told me a story about their trip that I wanted to write down and remember.  I guess Ryan and Evan had hidden from my parents while they were camping and it scared my mom.  So, she told them that they needed to be good and not hide or they would have to take them back home. Later that day they drove back to Salt Lake for the wedding and the boys fell asleep.  When Ryan woke up, they were near our home and he thought that he had gotten into trouble and was being taken home.  He got a little hysterical on them but eventually calmed down.

Jess and Cole went to the wedding too but they carefully avoided seeing Emry's parents so she wouldn't want to skip out on the camping trip and go home.  She is too smart though and noticed their car in the parking lot! She did not ever see them and went back to the campground for the night.


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