Fun Run

Ryan's school does a Fun Run instead of a fundraiser.  I think it's great.  The school gets all of the benefit of a fundraiser without having to sell families and friends crap that no one wants anyway.  Also, the kids get to do some great physical activity, and they realize what they're running for.  

Our PTA president is amazing and she organized this event so well.  Evan and I went to help for a few hours.  We kept time for the runners and organized the lap counters for each group of runners.  Evan ran with two different groups.  He thought that he was all involved and just kept running and running.  It was so cute.  He ran for about 30 minutes straight and ended up running about 2 miles!  And he's not even in school!  Ryan got to run with his class and they ran for 15 minutes.  Ryan did 15 laps.  I was really proud of both boys!  


Marvelle said…
I like that as a fundraiser.

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