Way back when, I promised I would add photos of the house once I had it all how I liked it.  Well, it certainly isn't perfect (is it ever, really?), but it's done for now.  Here's our lovely home.  We are so happy here and we love our new neighborhood too.

The street view. 
Walking in the front door, this is our formal living room. 

I love this big window and the view is amazing! 

This kind of looks back at the entryway and as you can see,
we bought a multi-level
so keep that in mind while looking at the rest of the photos.  

Love the details on this wall. 

Dining room. 

If you go down three steps from the kitchen, you're in the family room.
The ceiling is not low, it just looks like that because I can't take pictures.  

Colin picked out this sectional the week before we moved.
Everyone loves it! 

Okay, I know we are weird, but the kids have their own set up on this side of the room. 

Fireplace and built-in book shelves. 

Looking back up at the kitchen and living room. 
If you go up the stairs from the kitchen/ living room (main floor)
there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
This is the master. 

Taking pictures of rooms is difficult. 

Master bathroom

Boys room

Yes, they share.  We have enough bedrooms for them to have their own.
We believe it is important for them to be together.
They'll be in the same room for as long as they want.  

I love their closet.  

They have an incredible view of the mountains as well. 

Main bathroom

Guest room. 

There are some things I'd like to do with this room when I get more money. 

This is the entry from the garage, into the family room. 

The powder room and laundry are on the same level as the family room.  

Laundry room. 

My Mormon food storage/coupon stock pile room (in the basement) 

Also storing my decorations. 

and room to grow! 

My office/ craft room. 

Bag closet.
I may have a problem! 

Play room

I love this chalk board wall.

Didn't take great pictures of the yard.  Here's the back.  With the in-ground trampoline. 

and a play set! 

 We have plenty of room for visitors so if you haven't come yet.  Please stop by!


Love it Jen. Congrats on getting settled:)

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