Boy Quotes 2012

I write down little things that I hear the boys saying when I remember to.  Usually, I'll text someone something funny that one of them said, or just try to remember it and write it down.  I've kept all of these quotes in a note page on my phone so it's more convenient and I remember to do it.  Here are some of the funny things they said last year.  As I read through them, I remember this is why I love being a mom.  They really are funny kids and they just crack me up!  

I've already started a new one for 2013 and maybe I'll post those and update them as the year goes on.


“On Star Wars there was something sick nasty awesome.” Evan

“It's appropriate for us.” Evan

Evan notices all of the security cameras wherever we go. He points them out like he’s counting slug bugs or something, “Security Camera!”

Mom: “Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.” Evan: “I don't have crumbs in my bed.” He says this every single time I say that.

Firsting, not beginning. Evan

“I think I'm burning up, I hope I don't melt!” Evan (when he had a fever.)

Evan: Every day of my life has been bad. Mom: Why? E: Because Daddy tickles me.

“I can't even remember what o'clock it was.” Evan

When Evan’s been in the pool for a long time he says his hands are looking “old”.

Evan: “Mom, why do you like wearing rings on both hands?” Mom: “Because they're pretty.” “Well, Mom, you shouldn't do that because you'll scratch me with both hands.”

When sick with a stomach bug. “Mom, I need an X-ray so they can see why I'm sick.” Evan

Colin was putting the boys to bed. Evan- I think we'll get 100 pieces of candy for Halloween Colin- I think we'll get more than that. Evan- Okay, the number AFTER 100.

Today Evan told me his favorite super hero is the hulk. I told him that was fitting since he kinda acts like the hulk when he's mad. Speaking of which, he's in his room having a hulk like tantrum RGHT NOW!

“I like grandma’s house because they have lots of ice cream and chickens.”

“Did you know I can remember things for a long time?” “Really?” “Yeah, Guess how long I can remember them for?” “How long?” “Till tomorrow.”

While I was working in the yard Evan was cheering me on. Oh mom, you're on the second level. If you finish the whole yard in one day you'll get an achievement. Oh mom you're on the last level. Etc.


Ry: Mom, why does grandpa sometimes spit out the window? Me: I don't know Ry: can you at least give me an explanation?

Ryan: “That's the spirit!” (while playing with Evan)

“I want to give those missionaries an umbrella. They seem like really nice people so I want to do something good for them.” Ryan (on a rainy day)

Ryan: I miss our old house. Mom: What do you miss about it? Ry: Just the shape of it, and the deck. But I do not miss the wasps.

“Oxygen!” Ryan, when he couldn't breathe in the hot car.

“Boys wear stripes and girls wear polka dots in pictures to look cute.” -Ryan

The neighbor girl is kissing my boy. "Mom, she says now I'm her girlfriend". All disgruntled about it.

Ryan: “I can't even imagine mom, how long was I at school?” Mom: “7 hours” Ryan: “It felt like 10!”

“What happens when you spend all your money when you're retired?” Ryan

“Mom, is Becky retired?” Ryan


Evan to Ryan. “Sing me a story.” Ryan sings…”Once upon a time. Oh oh oh.”

Boys are off for UEA. I'm making them French toast for breakfast. Evan says, “How do you know how to make that, Mom?” Ryan replies, “Grandma is her MOM!” Because grandma always makes them French Toast.

While discussing a new friend the boys had made; Daddy: Is he a good kid or is he naughty? Ryan: He's kinda good, kinda naughty, just like us!

Evan: “Ryan, what's the last number?” Ryan: “ten hundred thousand million.”


Jenn said…
These are great! One of my favorites my daughter said was when she came home from school and told us about the "Apple Carnation mountains on the other side of the country
grandmadonna said…
Oh my gosh those are all funny!
Lex-a-roo said…
oh, my goodness. This made me laugh a lot. Thanks for brightening my day. Sounds like you have some creative and cute kids.

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