moving day

 making lists and yes, even using post-it notes helps me power through the chaos 

 Moving day eventually came.  I was so stressed about getting everything into the right pile.  I had to think about what was going in the trash, to the DI, in storage, on the ship, in the air, and inside of the suit cases.  It was almost more for my OCD brain than I could handle.  Plus I had to handle all of the other logistics it takes to move a family of four 9,000 miles across the world. It was a lot.  And I was very overwhelmed at times.  But, I kept my trusty lists in hand and through the power of prayer and email, I was able to finish.  
Our movers came on Monday, August 12 and finished their work on Tuesday the 13th.  We had the house cleaned on Wednesday, the carpets cleaned on Thursday, and our renters moved in on Saturday.  It was a BUSY week.  And I do not like the word busy.  Somehow, we survived it all.  

We got to chose our pack-out date and I kind of just chose a date out of the dark.  However, the more we thought about it, the more it worked out for our family.  I was really glad that our sea freight was a head of us by two and a half weeks and our air freight arrived in Singapore before we did.  The timeline also worked out for our renters better too.  As an added bonus, we had a free place to stay at so that was REALLY nice and it made me worry so much less! 

 Our luggage.  We'll end up living out of for about 2 months.

I really hate the phase when you don't have anything in your house.  Empty houses echo; and it just isn't right.


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