Valentine's Day 2014

I've never understood why some people don't like Valentine's Day.  I reflected on that a little bit this year and I came to a conclusion.  I think the reason why I LIKE it, and never had any issues with the holiday, or so called "Single Awareness Day" was that my parent's always made it pretty special for me and my sibliings.  They'd always make sure to give us some little (sometimes big) thing for Valentine's and make a special day out of it.  I remember my sister and I would wear cute little outfits and hairdos of red and pink on Valentine's; probably all matching, down to the underwear... but maybe that's sharing too much.  (We thought we were twins even though we couldn't be more different).  Anyway, I digress.  I'm grateful my parents showed us so much love growing up, taught us how to express it well, and made little holidays like Valentine's special for us.  

So. I try to pass on the tradition and make Valentine's a special day in our house too.  Even though I have boys, I want them to be able to enjoy the day of love.  LOL!  I got the kids each a little toy, a chocolate bar, and a card.  And what's even better is, I actually get to take credit for this one, instead of passing it on to a mythical creature or magical being.  

Colin continues to spoil me on Valentine's Day.  This year he actually took the day of work and we got to spend some one on one time together.  So rare now that we live 9,000 miles from grandma, our old go-to babysitter.  We did a little workout in the morning, he bought me flowers, we went to see a movie, had lunch together.  It was awesome!  

The same weekend as Valentine's Day, we had a local wedding to attend. One of Colin's co-workers got married and invited us.  I was excited to see a Singaporean wedding.  It was very much like another Chinese wedding we'd attended.  Fun times.  LOTS of food!  If only I actually ate sea food... 

This soup bowl was gigantic!  


Jessica said…
I remember loving to wear matching outfits! We should do it again for kicks :) we're not too old for that are we? I mean... We don't have to Mach our undies or anything.

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