Wedding Reception

Justin & Jenessa's wedding reception was held at the McMullin Mansion in South Jordan.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  They had a fun reception with all of the essentials.  They had a beautiful cake, a photo booth, a reception line, dancing, ice cream & crepes. We're so happy for Justin and we can't wait to get to know our Aunt Jenessa better.  

The cake

They had a lot of really pretty vintage decorations- I loved the decor.  

The Happy Couple! 

The wedding party! 

all of Justin & Jenessa's nieces and nephews

Mother & Son dance

My kids & all of their cousins

Daughter & Father Dance

Tossing the bouquet

Tossing the garter

Decorating the truck

Saying farewell


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