Christmas Lights at Gardens by the Bay

Colin and I took the boys out for a night of Christmas in the City.  We went to Bugis and had dinner at Nandos which is becoming a favorite of mine- thanks for the recommendation, Sarah!  It was raining by the time we got downtown so we were nervous that seeing the lights at Gardens by the Bay would be... soggy but it cleared up just in time.  

Inside the Marina Bay Sands Mall, all decorated for Christmas with plenty of people out hustling and bustling. 

We rode the train from Bugis over to GBB and walked over to see the lights.  We really don't get out too much at night but I do love to see the city after dark.  

It just so happened that we arrived just before the "Super Tree Rhapsody" if you're wondering, the lights come on at 7:45 and 8:45 pm.  They're set to music and it's pretty cool.  For a Saturday night the crowds did not disappoint!  It was a lot of walking and everyone was exhausted by the time we got home but I think we all enjoyed it!


Jessica said…
Totally different than the standard Temple Square lights! Awesome.

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