MacRitchie Field Trip with Ryan's Fourth Grade Class

Ryan's last field trip this year was to the MacRitchie Reservoir.  We went on a nature walk in the jungle and learned all about the plant and animals that live there.  We had a great guide who taught us all kinds of interesting things.  The jungle was nice and shady and although it was humid it wasn't too unbearably hot.  We saw lots on the field trip but I think the best is the monkeys! 

Ryan ate a wild berry! 

You can tell if it is a fern if the seedlings are on the underside!
Ferns will be the first to regrow after a natural disaster because of this.  

Yikes!  Spikes.  This is a variety of palm that is spiky everywhere!  

Last week we found a really interesting bug on Woodgrove Drive in our neighborhood.
A girl in Ryan's class actually spotted this caterpillar in the wild.
I found out they are toxic!  

Can you spy the monkey?

This monkey was down on the path and we weren't sure if we should cross or not.  

The reservoir is such a lovely place!


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