Ahh... Summer!

Summer of 2015 has sure been a busy one for our little family.  These photos are in a totally random order and I've probably already posted half of them already.  But.. this has been our summer.  School is officially back in session for the boys and so now we're really getting into the routine of life back in Utah.  So far, we're doing great.  There have been some adjustments to make and I'm definitely not feeling settled yet.  But.. I'm getting there.  It feels painfully slow but I'm not exactly the most patient of people.  It's been a lovely summer and we are so blessed.  

Boys took swimming lessons with Emry at South County

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And spent the majority of the summer swimming at Draper and Dimple Dell on the Dolphins Swim Team. 

We got to see lots of our cousins. 

I helped watch Jess' kids while she's in nursing school. 

It's nice to have a yard again.  I love the flowers and plants I've cultivated here so it's nice to enjoy those again.  

I got to meet up with my college roommates.  It was sure great to see them! 

We never miss free slurpee day! 

I got an SUV this summer, it's so nice to have a big car that I can pile a lot of people or things in.  

Some days, we just hung out at home trying to unpack and get settled in our home. 

We also got to meet up with some Singapore friends.  This is the Lifferths at a reservoir in Heber.  

The boys didn't have a lot of toys for a long time.  They were glad when the sea freight arrived.  

We tried to take full advantage of our 7 Peaks Season passes.  

Taking advantage of Grandma's peaches too!  

We've had a few weddings this summer.  I fell in love with the hydrangeas at Cactus and Tropicals. 

The sunsets have been quite beautiful this summer.  I love how BIG the sky is here in Utah. 

This tree at the Draper park is amazing. 

One Day I took the kids on a scavenger hunt here in Draper- the Ity Bitty Draper City hunt put on by the Library.  We're not quite finished, some of them are really hard! 
We also never miss the Parade Preview at the South Towne Expo center.  I love this summer tradition. 

We've enjoyed lazy Saturdays and eating brunch as a family.  

Oh, yeah, and we moved from Asia so we had lots of unpacking and repatriating to do. 

Ryan got some early birthday presents from his grandparents who came to visit. 

We took care of the neighbors chickens for a week. 

Evan is the best little chicken sitter around.  
It's so nice to be back in our home!  Our renters took such great care of our place.  We just love it here.  

And I love having a car to drive again.  

We worked on a few projects... 

took in the view 

and did lots of shopping.


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