Junior Achievement City

 Our school participates in the Junior Achievement program.  This is a financial literacy program taught by volunteers, except in fifth grade where the teachers do the instruction and then the volunteers run the field trip.  Fifth grade is a special year for Junior Achievement because the kids get to apply for jobs and then take a field trip to the Children's Museum at the Gateway and run the city for a day.  The city, or Biz Town, is located on the fourth floor and is only open to field trippers for this exact purpose.  I really enjoyed this experience as a teacher so I was really excited when Ryan got to participate as a student.  And this year I volunteered so I also got to see Biz Town from that perspective for the first time.

 Ryan was hired as CFO of Merit Medical for the day.  He ran all of the finances for the company.  He printed and delivered bills to all of the other companies in Biz Town and ran deposits to the bank CEO as well.
 There are two pay periods and two break periods throughout the day.  Here's Ryan depositing his first paycheck on his first break.  After he ate lunch he could then go around and spend his money at the different businesses throughout the city.

Here he is working hard!  

And here he is spending some Money!  

He bought googly eye glasses and some candy with his biz town money and spent his allowance cash on his very own Biz Town shirt!  

I'm so glad we got to go together this year.  Ryan commented at the end of the day that he understood why his dad comes home tired at the end of the day.  Ry was quite worn out after school and acted like he needed a nap!  He also said he had a lot of fun and worked really hard!  Colin always tells the kids that the moves the keyboard around a lot and types on the computer at work.  So, when I was quizzing Ryan about what he did as CEO of Merit Medical, he said, "I moved the mouse around and typed on the computer a lot!"  Ha ha ha.  That kid is so funny... just like his dad!  


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