Ski Day 3

The boys have like three Fridays and a Monday off this month so we thought we'd take advantage of the schedule and take go skiing as a family.  Colin got work off and we hit the slopes.  We're feeling pretty good on the slopes now.  The boys have been three times this year and once before and it is really amazing how quickly they pick it up.  I'm sorry if I say that every time.  

Friday was a beautiful day for skiing.  It was COLD, about 18 degrees, but it was sunny and there weren't very many people at the resort.  

We tried some harder runs this time and although there was some grumbling, but overall we did well with the difficulty. 

I was having kind of a rough day with my blood sugars.  It's always frustrating when that happens, but by mid-day I had figured it out and was hitting my grove.  I'm glad I stuck it out, but I'm also glad I know how to listen to my body and know when things aren't right.  

Treating my low (LOW) blood sugar with a hot chocolate. Which later turned into a high blood sugar which later stabilized.   

We decided to take another run to the bigger, more challenging lift to see if we could take a different trial than the first time.  As we were getting off the lift and heading down the trail, Colin and I stopped to let the kids go ahead of us to make sure they were handling the terrain okay.  As Colin started to ski, something happened to make him fall.  I'm not sure what it was, if he caught an edge or crossed his tips or something, but as he fell, his left pole got stuck under his arm and he broke his wrist as he fell.  He knew he did it right away too.  I was right behind him and that was the first thing he said after he fell.  A nice guy behind me called the ski patrol and they were able to take him down to the clinic at the base of the mountain.  They treated him there at the clinic; took x-rays, set the bone, and splinted it.  

About a week later we went to the TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialist Hospital) and saw a hand surgeon.  He said that Colin's break compressed the bone 2mm on the radius and the alignment is off by 10 degrees on his ulna.  If the healing continues to take this route, he shouldn't need surgery, at least for now.  We're grateful it wasn't worse and I'm glad we didn't have to deal with an ER in the valley.  

I'm not sure if we'll be able to ski any more this season, and basketball is definitely out.  Anyway, thanks for all of your prayers and concern on our behalf!  


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