Back to School 2016

 On the last day of Ryan's band camp we were issued his schedule.  We went around after his  performance to find his locker and classes.  It's still really hard to believe that I have a child in Middle School!

After we went to see Ryan's classes, I thought we'd stop by Evan's NEW school too.  
Unfortunately, they were prepping for the meet-the-teacher night on the day before school started so... we had to wait.  

 Meet the teacher night finally came and we got to see where Evan will spend his time in third grade.  His teacher seems really great and he's excited about heading to a new school.

 First Day of School, 2016.  Ryan, Grade 6.  Evan, Grade 3.

His new white Vans. 

New Backpack

Taco Vans

First Day Smiles

First Day Frowns
Ha ha ha!  I think the boys really were excited to go back to school but there were definitely some nerves involved.  I was super nervous about Ryan going to Middle School at first but after we had our orientation in the Spring, and orientation in the fall, and parent meeting in the fall, and back to school night... I really think he'll be okay!  However, I think some of my nerves were transferred to him, or maybe he was just nervous himself, I don't know.  Anyway, on the first day Ryan was pretty darn nervous.  He was supposed to walk with some friends but as he walked out the door he got kind of upset, there may have been a few tears, and I told him I could drive him to school.  As we were in the car, we said our morning prayers like usual and then we headed out.  I told him I could give his walking buddies a ride to school but as soon as he saw that they were all waiting for him he was ready to go.  He told me later that as he was walking to school he had really bad butterflies in his stomach to the point where he thought he was going to vomit.  I asked him when that feeling went away.  He told me that he'd said a prayer before walking into the building.  He asked his Heavenly Father to take that feeling away when he stepped inside.  He said that as soon as he put his feet inside the door the feeling went away.  He found his first class and apparently had a great day.

This boy!  I am so proud of him!  He wasn't really nervous at all for going to a new school.  I asked Evan if I could take him to school on his first day and he basically told me that I couldn't.  He told me I could drop him off and drive away.  Well, I wasn't really too okay with that.  So, I told him I would drive him up the first day and just walk him to his line.  As we exited the car, he told me that I had to say goodbye at the fence and let him go.  I just walked with him a little bit farther.  I helped him find his line, not that he really needed that kind of help and waited until some more kids showed up.  Finally I gave him a hug and said goodbye.  The way we drop off at this school makes it so I can't really see where he goes after I drop him off.  It's hard, for me, but he handles it all so well.  
Just one more story about Evan that I have to tell.  So I ask him if he's making any new friends at school and he tells me that the coolest girl in his class sits right next to him.  The more he starts telling me about her, I realize that this is a child with a disability.  She's severely vision impaired and requires special equipment to see to learn inside the classroom.  I just love that Evan, at the age of eight, can still have such an open heart to like a child regardless of a disability, skin color, or gender.  It's amazing how much these two boys make me so proud.   

Ryan walked home with his friends and as you can tell, he had a great day!

Evan is all smiles after his first day!  


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