Jackson, Wyoming

Summer Road Trip, 2017: Day 1
Driving from Salt Lake to Jackson, Wyoming

For our summer trip this year, we decided to see Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks.  We drove from Salt Lake to Jackson.  That evening we walked around the quaint town of Jackson which was bursting with tourists.  We went inside some of the shops, did some souvenir shopping, and had a nice dinner.  Then we drove out to the lodge to sleep for the night.  We stayed at Togowotee Lodge.  There were individual cabins which were quite nice.  We saw a deer on our drive.  It was nice staying out a ways from the town but I think maybe I'd try to get a little bit closer next time.

Leaving SLC

Lunch at Grandpa's BBQ in Idaho Falls

Teton Pass

Teton Pass

Using Snapchat to check the altitude.  8413 feet 

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Grand Tetons!!!


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