Last day of Preschool

Ryan's last day of preschool was this week. His teacher, Miss LaDawn, invited the parents to attend. They did a little program at the beginning and then we went outside in her beautiful property and had some snacks and the kids played on the trampoline and playset. It was a nice morning and I'm so glad that I decided to take the morning off and go. I think Ryan was glad that we came too. Evan was very well behaved, what a blessing!

This is Ryan and his teacher inside of their classroom.

This is Ryan and his two best buddies, Isaac and Curen. Isaac and Curen will be together for Kindergarten at a different Elementary School. It will be hard for them to be apart, but it will also be really good for Ryan I think. Ryan does have friends in our neighborhood that I think he'll like being in class with.

So for their program they did two numbers. The first was a choral reading and I wish I knew the title of the book. Anyway, they were so super cute and really well disciplined too. Miss LaDawn is a miracle worker! They marched out wearing all of these different hats.

They were so proud of themselves, can't you tell?

Miss LaDawn read the story, and they acted out the parts with hand signals and different actions and sound effects.

The kittens (wagging a tail).

The pigeons (fluttering arms).

The second number was absolutely adorable. They did this kind of a dance thing to some really fun music. They did all sorts of things with their four-square balls. They bounced them, and caught them.

They bounced them off their knees. They put them on their heads, they threw them behind their backs. They did this thing on the ground and scooted side to side. It was so cute.

Ta-da- they're done!

Then they came out for their last round of applause and a picture.

From left to right they are: Curen, Joshua, Riley, Ryan, Craigen, Isaac, Ty, Josh and the only girl Abbie. There was one other boy that couldn't make it and his name is Mason.

Miss LaDawn's Preschool Class of 2010.


Ryan looks so grown-up! How did that happen? Wasn't he just a baby?
joyous said…
Oh my goodness! I couldn't imagine having a class with all those boys and one lone girl!!! I'm sure she came up with lots of fun things to keep them busy though. Sounds like a cute and fun last day of school. :)
The McNews said…
Is Ryan so ready for Kindergarten? Cam is. I love his preschool. It looks so warm and inviting. I didn't put Cam in this year but he's been freaking out about school. I hoped a year off would give him what he needed. It seems to have worked but we'll see Aug. 24th. Ryan is so adorable. I love his sweet curls! Even though he looks big it still gives him that sweet baby look :D

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