Mother's Day '10

Things I love about my Mother:

She always supported me growing up in all of the hobbies and sports that I was involved in. She never missed a swim meet, drove us countless hours to dance practices and recitals, and was our number one fan.

She is always there to listen when I need someone to complain to.

She is an amazing grandma and does lots and lots of babysitting for us.

She taught me how to cook. My mom is an amazing cook, I'm not nearly as good as her but what I do know, she taught me.

She taught me to love being a woman. She knows so many things every woman should know how to do, and some stuff that is more manly. She's the best sprinkler person there is, just ask her!

What I love about being a mother:
When the boys say "I Love You, Mommy".
When my boys talk just like I do. Ha ha! Sometimes I have to watch the way I say things because you know that they're listening when they use the same tone or inflection on a phrase commonly used.
That I get to raise boys. I never thought I'd have boys. I always thought I'd be raising two or three little girls, but they're boys and I love it! They are so much fun and it's given me a whole new perspective on life.
When they learn new things or ask me really funny questions.
The funny things they say.
When they come get in my bed and snuggle with me in the morning. Even if it is at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning.
Experiencing all of the firsts in their lives with them. Their first words, foods, steps, first day of school, first swimming lessons, things like that.
Happy Mother's day to all of the wonderful women in my life!
I copied this idea from my friend Marvelle's blog. Thanks Marvelle!


grandmadonna said…
That is a very good post Jen, thanks for including me in it. Also thanks for the great graduation tribute. MOM

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