Anniversary Dinner

Colin and I were apart on our Anniversary so we wanted to celebrate when we were back together and while we were in San Diego. Colin's brother gave him a gift-card to Ruth's Chris Steak House so we went there! It was a wonderful evening. The restaurant is in an awesome location right down in San Diego's harbor. It was beautiful. And, we were there right at sunset so we watched the sun set on the water as we ate our dinner. After dinner we went for a walk down the boardwalk at dusk. So romantic. Colin asked me to sit down (I was thinking it was sort of random). He said to me, "You've probably already seen this, but I got you something." I hadn't seen anything, and I had NO idea he had gotten me something. Colin is never good at surprises. Whenever he buys me something he's excited about, he always ends up telling me, or giving me hints and by the time I get the gift, I'm not all that surprised. I LOVE surprises so it's kind of funny. Anyway, this time I was so surprised that I seriously cried about it. He gave me a pair of topaz earrings. He's been buying me topaz jewelry since Ryan was born. He said he bought me the first piece of topaz because he liked me in the light-blue color. I said it was blue for our first baby boy! So, when I was pregnant with our second boy, he got me another piece of blue topaz. Now, I have earrings to match! They're beautiful! I love them!
And, I love being married to my Colin. He's such and amazing man, husband, father, and friend. Our life is awesome and I love it.
So, enough with the cheesy-ness. We've been married 8 years if you were wondering.


I think that is so cute that Colin can't keep surprises a secret!
Tonya said…
Thats sweet Colin. Good Job. Thanks for sharing all your fun pictures from the trip you had way too much fun. The boys look like they loved it.
Congrats! Joe can't keep secrets either- funny guys.
Steph said…
Happy belated Anniversary! I loved reading all about your trip! Great pics :)
Christie said…
That is soooo sweet!
Gotta love a romantic moment now & then...
Congrats on 8 years!

I'd be delighted to have you join the weight loss support group! email and password for the blog are and slimtastic10.

I actually don't know if that's how you go about having anyone be able to post (and I suspect it's not) but it will work. (or I'm open to suggestions from those more tech-savvy than me).
joyous said…
So fun! You have been a bloggin' fool since you got back, I'm super impressed. :)

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