Beach Camp

Sunday was Father’s Day and we had dinner at Aunt Jean’s house. I was sad to be away from Colin and my dad, but it was nice to spend the day with Grandpa. For church we went to my cousin Alan’s ward to watch him bless his new baby boy Brady Norman. It was a very nice blessing, the kids were pretty good in sacrament meeting, and the day was absolutely beautiful.
Mom flew home on Monday, and Justin flew in the same night. Monday and Tuesday we hung out at grandma’s house and did laundry, shopping, cleaning, and packing, in preparation for heading up to beach camp. I helped my grandma clean out her motor home because there was a mice infestation and it was absolutely gross. I found one dead mice and a whole lot of other remnants of mice, if you know what I mean. I don’t know if it was the mice droppings or the high blood sugar, or too much Mexican food but on Wednesday morning, I woke up pretty sick. One good thing about staying with grandma is that she has a pill for just about everything. She gave me something for my stomach and I really got better so quickly, I was amazed.
Wednesday afternoon we headed up to beach camp. Justin came with us too. This year we camped at South Carlsbad State Beach. We had two really nice spots and the only real down side was that the only good entrance to the beach required lots of walking. The boys absolutely loved the beach. Ryan loved the water and Evan loved the sand. Ryan swam several times a day. He put on his life jacket and went out with an adult to help him swim in the shallow waves. Evan did lots of digging. We had plenty of sand toys and had a great time digging and playing in the sand. Friday Colin flew in at about 4:00pm and got to enjoy the beach with us until Tuesday. Colin and I had a great time playing on the beach together with the kids. We built a sandcastle, body surfed, and hung out with family on the beach.
All four of us on the beach.

Daddy trying to ruin our photo shoot.
My boys!
Being goofy.
There is an In-N-Out pretty close to the camp, so we had to go there a couple of times because it is so yummy!
When we checked in on Tuesday, we got there pretty late so there wasn't really time for beach-going. So, I took the boys to check out the water. They really loved to look at the ocean and were excited to be at beach camp.
Ryan enjoying his first day on the beach.
Evan and Landyn riding behind the bike.
The boys totally loved cooking up s'mores each night. Evan liked to eat the marshmallows uncooked. He still managed to get them all over the place.
Spaghetti dinner is always a hit. I think this was the night that the kids ate the most.

Aunt Jean and I boogie boarding.
I love it when the boys take naps on the beach. It seems like they sleep so well and go to sleep so easily. They don't mind laying in the sand either.
Ryan having a little snack on the beach. I think he ate about half of the trail mix on his own!
Ryan and Brady playing on the beach together.
Evan, Ryan, Brady.
Evan, Molly, and Ryan.
Ryan and Evan posing for me on the beach. Ryan really loves to play hard-to-photograph because he knows it drives me crazy.
This is Ryan just running around having fun on the beach.
I really love this picture of Evan. You'll probably being seeing more of it.
Evan likes to make this face when I say "say cheese". It's cute but you can only have so many photos like this before you're ready for a really good one with like his eyes open and stuff.
This is the best that I got of the two of them. They were so not cooperating with my impromptu photo session. Oh well.
Ryan. Doesn't he look so big?
Ryan and Daddy going out for a swim.
Playing in the waves with Daddy.
Daddy and Mommy going for a swim. We had such a blast. Brooke came out with us too. The waves were really big and we caught lots of them.
That first blast of water is mighty cold!
Sweet Ryan was such a good boy the whole trip. He is really getting so much older and wiser. It's really fun to watch him become such a wonderful little boy!
I decided to build a sandcastle and a few others joined in the efforts. It was a nice constructive activity for the afternoon.
All of us that helped and the finished product.
Beach buddy
Ryan and Evan exploring on the rocks
Colin was trying to receive cell phone reception so that he could watch the World Cup game.
Every evening after we've showered and eaten dinner, we let the kids ride bikes. It makes me a nervous wreck to let them play in the road but that's really the only place there is. So, we got really good at listening when there was a car coming and getting out of the road. Or at least we tried.
Brady figured out how to ride a bicycle while we were there.

I wish I had gotten video of this boy "riding" a scooter. He hasn't quite figured out how to petal a bike, trike, or for that matter, a scooter. He just sort of walked the thing, never putting his feet on the scooter at all. It was quite hilarious to watch.
Here's Ry skootering along.
Ryan had a great time riding his skooter every chance he could get.


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