Enjoying San Diego

I mentioned that we did spend some of our days just hanging out. Here are some random pictures from our "down time".
On the fourth of July we went up to Aunt Jean's house after church and the kiddos did a little swimming. And some, a little drowning.
This is Ryan getting more and more brave in the water. He loved the steps area because he could go under but still touch.
He also like the mask because he could see under water.
Ryan got out a little too far one time when he and Brady were jumping in and my cousin Chris jumped in to save him.
Aunt Jean and her grand baby Kali Jean
A little later the same day Brady and Gabe were riding a trike around the pool and they fell into the deep end. Gabe was under and not coming up. Colin jumped in to save him.
Too many non-swimming kids around the pool that day.
Everyone was okay though, luckily.
Brooke and Brenna playing with Kali.
Tessa and I hanging out by the pool. Tessa and I were quite good buddies this trip. It was a lot of fun to hang out with her.
Another day Paul and his family came over to Grandma's house to play. Molly is just a few months younger than Evan and Gabriel is right in between my two boys so they all four like to play really well together.
They all enjoy being out in the garden with Grandpa Ed. There are always lots of vegetables to be picked.
Cute little Gabriel.
All four of them sitting on the golf cart.
One day while up at the beach it was very rainy and kind of cold. We decided to make it into a shopping day. They have a nice little outlet mall there so Colin, Justin, the kids and I went over there to check it out.
Ryan threw a coin into the fountain to make a wish. He was really cute about it because he didn't want me to hear his wish. So, he made me stand on the other side of the fountain.
Everything about Grandma and Grandpa's house is big. My kids love the big living room to run around in, the big yard to play in, and the big driveway to ride bikes in. Thanks Michelle for letting us borrow your bikes for the few weeks we were there. They really helped to entertain the kids.
One thing I love to do there is pick oranges and other citrus fruits. Ever since I was a little girl, this is what I would do at my grandparent's home. They've always had an orchard of fruit trees, even at their old home in La Mesa. So, we picked a few buckets of citrus to enjoy while we were at their house.
Grandma and Grandpa brought their motor home up to Jean's house for the reunion and the boys really wanted to ride in it on the way back. So, I let them. It was kind of fun, but I was really glad that it was only a 30 minute ride.
I took the boys to Parkway Plaza to do a little shopping and make a return for my sister. They loved the little movable ride things there at the mall.
I hope Ryan will remember riding on the golf cart with Grandpa Ed. He's always enjoyed doing that at their house. Here are my two boys getting a ride with their great grandpa.


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