We had an exciting day at the Draper pool today!
We had a great time swimming and it is amazing the difference a year can make. Last year I took the boys by myself and was a nervous wreck the entire time. This year they're both a little taller and Ryan is starting to get more confident in the water. I wouldn't call him a swimmer yet but he's working on it. Evan is easy to hold and tall enough to stand in a lot of the shallower areas.
After we'd been at the pool about an hour and a half I see the tale tale signs of a little boy signalling to the life guard. You know what I'm talking about. He's pointing, he's putting on his goggles, he's all, it's over here. The lifeguard blows two whistles to attract the attention of another. They're checking it out, they're looking around. Sure enough, one long loud blast of the whistle and an announcement over the PA "The pool will be closed for the next 45 minutes". That's right, someone dookied in the pool. So, we were done for the day, but not before a photo-op, drink, snack and a nice dry-off.
Meanwhile some little girl decides to RUN on the deck (a total forbidden) and breaks her arm. I saw the thing. It was crazily hanging at her side, all rubbery looking. Nasty. And the scream. You knew that thing was broken.
Exciting day for you lifeguards!
Swimming lessons end tomorrow. A post is forthcoming.


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