Balloon Festival

Our city does a Balloon Festival each summer. I remember last year seeing a couple of balloons up in the sky. This year they promoted it pretty well. So, I got the boys out of bed bright and early Friday morning and took them down to our little park where they were going to set off the balloons. Unfortunately, this week we had some actual weather (haven't had ANY in weeks and weeks) and the balloons were not allowed to fly. I timed it (accidentally) just right though. We got there right when they were starting to blow up the balloons and left as soon as they had all come down. They did it again on Saturday morning but again were unable to launch. If we're here again next year I'll take the boys back and see if the weather will cooperate.


Jessica said…
That would be really cool to see the balloons up close, I don't know if I have ever seen a hot air balloon that close up before.

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