out and about

One of my friends told me that one thing she isn't good about when it comes to being a Stay At Home Mom, is "staying home". I have to agree that I'm not good at "staying home" either. I like to be out and about. I like to do at least one thing outside of the house per day, preferably BEFORE nap time. One thing we just love to do is go to the park. I love it, the kids love it, and let's face it folks, when you live here, you have to eat up all of the possible outside time that you can.


I can relate although I would have to admit that I have reached the point in my life where I would enjoy staying home (it just happens so very rarely!).
dynomitegirl said…
My husband always complains that Inever stay home. Life is short though and there is so much life to live. Are you working this year?
SugarFreeSweety said…
No, I'm staying home for the foreseable future.

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