Seattle, hangin in the pad edition

This Labor Day weekend, Colin and I went on a little couple's vacation to the sunny city of Seattle.  We had a wonderful time and we're glad we were able to go and be alone for a little while.  We stayed at Colin's good friend Jon's house.  He and his wife Julie have a beautiful daughter named Violet that we just adored.  I couldn't get over how mellow she was!  She is such a cute baby and has an amazingly calm personality.  One of the main reasons that we went to Seattle was for Colin's video game convention PAX (penny arcade expo).  He and Jon had a great time on Sunday totally geeking out. 
I'm not sure if this video is working but it's a video of Colin and Julie doing a Tim Tam Slam.  What's that?  Well, a returned Mormon missionary friend of Jon's who served in Australia.  A Tim Tam is a Peperidge Farm chocolate cookie.  It's a wafer covered in chocolate.  So to do a Slam what you do is bite off either end and drink hot coco through it like a straw.  As soon as it falls apart you suck it up into your mouth.  Lots of fun and super yummy too! 


Laura said…
What a fun vacation you had! I love, love, love all the flowers in Pike's Place. I think if I lived near there that I would constantly have a fresh flowers in my house. Beautiful, bright, and cheap!
We love tim tam slams! Nate was sooo excited when Pepperidge Farms started making them. Now we don't have to pay a ton on shipping to get the Australian brand. ;)

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