Seattle, PAX edition

The one event Colin was most looking forward to while we stayed in Seattle, actually, I should say it was the main motivating factor in even purchasing airline tickets, was PAX.  What is PAX?  Well, it stands for Penny Arcade eXpo but basically, it's a video game convention for the fans.  A smaller scale ComicCon I guess.  And keep in mind that it's Jen posting about this so I'll do my best but I'm no video game expert.  Anyway, he was super thrilled that Jon was willing to attend with him and we decided to make a little vacation out of it and had, as I may have mentioned already, a great time.  Colin's dreams of attending a video game convention were fulfilled although he said that next yer he'd like to attend all three days and stay in a hotel near the convention center.  And, yes, that does certify him a total geek!  But, I love him anyway and I'm glad he has so many things in life that he is passionate about. 
This was the line (queue for you Brits) outside of the theater to watch Major Nelson record his podcast.  If you didn't understand that sentence, you probably don't need to see the rest of the post.  However, you may proceed if you wish. 
Recording of Major Nelson's podcast.  Colin said there were about a thousand people in attendance. 
Outside the convention center in downtown Seattle.  Not too many freaks pictured here but we saw plenty of costumes and such from the car when we drove in.  I can only imagine what Jon and Colin saw while they were inside. 
Washington State Convention Center
Fallout New Vegas
Tom Clancy's Hawx 2


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