Seattle, tourist edition

While Colin and I were in Seattle this Labor Day weekend, Jon and Julie planned lots of really fun things for us to do.  We had a wonderful time and pretty much think that Seattle is amazing. 
They took us to a Mariner's game at Safe Co Field.  We arrived a little late and missed the traffic, as well as the only run scored the entire game.  But it's more about the company, food, and atmosphere anyway, right? 
We had amazing tickets right on the third baseline!  I couldn't believe how close we were to the field. 
Jen, Julie, Violet, and Jon.  Violet looks kind of funny in this picture, I think she was just trying to get a look around at this new place. 
Colin getting ready to take a bite of a bratwurst. 
Colin and I watching the game. 

One of the most enjoyable things we did in Seattle was visit Pikes Place, Public Market. 
It's where they throw the fish.
We were there on a holiday, and made it down to Pike's Place on a Saturday so the place was really quite crowded. 
They had everything for sale.  Food, Flowers, and lots of souvenirs and other things to buy. 
The flowers were wholesale so they were fresh, beautiful, and super cheap.
I love the look of peppers hanging. 
We had gellato.  Julie gave Violet a taste. 
I'm not sure if it was the unfamiliar taste or the coldness, but Violet wasn't quite sure what to think.   
On Sunday, while Colin and Jon were at PAX, Julie, Violet and I went to another market to do a little more shopping, walking, and getting to know each other.   I've discovered that I love her.  Julie was an amazing host and we had a great time talking about life, kids, religion, and even some stuff where we were both going, okay TMI but...  ha ha! 

The crowd wasn't nearly as bad and I think it was mostly locals there. 
This chocolate covered banana was really calling my name. 
Inside of this tent they had things that were more like a consignment shop. 
I was really quite shocked at what they had for sale.  Most of it really seemed like junk but I'm sure people were just looking for that hidden gem.  I saw a pair of Hello Kitty boots for $20.  I'm sure they were only half that retail, 15 years ago!  Whatever. 
I was kind of admiring these Raggedy Ann and Andy paintings though.  They were in perfect condition. 
Freshly baked pizza.
After PAX the boys met up with us at a Spanish restaurant for a delicious farewell dinner. 
We had such a wonderful time in Seattle and can't wait to go back again. 

Colin and I at the waterfront in Kirkland, WA.
Jon and Colin

PS: I hate the new blogger editor.  This post has taken me three times as much effort as the old blogger.  ARG!


Steph said…
Wow Jen! What a fun trip! I have always wanted to go to Seattle and looking at all your pics makes me want to go even more :)
deany said…
"I've discovered that I love her." haha I love that sentence, and when that happens. the pictures are awesome, and the markets look so fun. little bit jealous.
deany said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
SugarFreeSweety said…
Now that's just annoying. Who deleted a comment?
JULIE said…
Jen, I'm finally catching up on your blog posts from the Seattle trip. Thanks for such a sweet post and your kind words. It's not every day I get mentioned on someone's blog so woohoo! LOVED having you here and loved even more that we could talk about anything. ANYTHING. You are awesome. Really.

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