Halloween at Daddy's Work

Per tradition, we went to Goldman for the annual trick-or-treating! I love this tradition and I was glad to take the boys up to see their dad at work. The boys got more candy from this excursion than on Halloween night. I brought their smaller candy buckets and we had to empty them half way through the office and fill them up again. Needless to say, the kids have enough candy to last until Easter, or at least Christmas!

Here are the four of us.  The toilet paper looking thing is a crepe paper hanging from the ceiling as part of Colin's team area decorations. 

I told Colin I wasn't going to dress up and then showed up in this garb.  I decided that our ward Halloween party was that night and that I'd go ahead and get dressed up.  I also figured that I had this neat idea and that it probably would lose some humor in a year's time.  I'm dressed as Flo the Progressive Insurance saleswoman.  This lady in the commercials really freaks me out so I figure it was a good scary costume.  Plus, I got to straighten my hair and wear lots of makeup too.  Evan particularly liked the costume.  He really got in to calling me Flo and the next morning when I'd washed all of the make up off, he said, "Where is Flo?"  Ha ha! 

One entire floor was dedicated to a Harry Potter theme.  I didn't really get a great picture of it but anyway, it was really neat.  I liked the quiddich rings and brooms and candlesticks suspended from the ceiling. 

This picture is so classic office trick-or-treating. 


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