Kinder night and VIP

Recently held at his Elementary School, Ryan and I attended the Kindergarten Night.  It's a night dedicated to finding out "What Kindergarten is all About".  It was very eye opening.  Who knew that had so much learning to do this year.  I am very excited for my son to learn so many challenging things this year.  He has always loved to learn and he is enjoying Kindergarten tremendously.  He doesn't even mind doing homework every day.  He has adjusted so well to the schedule too. 
We got to Kinder night a little bit early and I was so glad to have the chance to take Ryan's picture inside of his classroom.  He showed me all around and told me all about the things he loves to do at school. 
He also had the chance last week to be the Very Important Person.  He was very excited to have himself under the spot light.  His teacher has the VIP bring in 8 pictures of things about them and the class gets to decide what the picture means.  Then I got to read Ryan's favorite book to the class.  Ryan likes to read but I'm not really sure he has a favorite book.  I did read one that we chose together though, it's called Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm.  It has beautiful illustrations and a great message about imagination.  I was given the book as a gift my second or third year of teaching.  We have so many children's books at our house from my teaching days and from my children's literature class back at BYU.  As VIP Ryan was also allowed to bring a show and tell item each day and a treat for the class on Friday. 

These pictures are a little bit out of order but I'll get used to the new blogger soon enough; it does seem to have some nice features. 

 Guss Guss the class pet is a Guinea pig. 


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