painting pumpkins

Jess and I decided to get our kids together to paint pumpkins.  I drove my boys out to Jess' house after Kindergarten on Monday and we got right to work painting pumpkins.  The kids had a grand old time making a big ol' mess of the paints.  I think they all really had a blast doing it.  As Jess put it, they turned out very... colorful! 
 Evan, Ryan and Emry getting ready to start painting. 
 Emry wanted a little bit of help but she was very into the painting of her pumpkin, and a little on Evan's too. 

 Evan's pumpkin was so well painted that we couldn't bring it home, I had to leave it over night to dry. 
I love that we did this activity together because it was really one that the kids could enjoy.  I'm not sure what Jess thought the pumpins would turn out like, but the kids were sure happy with the results. 
 I had to console Ryan after I accidentally painted some red on his BYU pumpkin.  What on Earth was I thinking? 
Here are the grand works of art! 
This is the only picture I have that proves Jess was there.  It was her house after all.  I should have picked up the camera and taken a few shots of Jess, sorry!


Really - what WERE you thinking? Red on a BYU pumpkin? For shame! heehee!

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