Friday Thankful

Tonight, I'll be grateful for NyQuil. 
Last night (and all day today) it was VERY windy.  I rearranged my patio furniture to get ready for winter yesterday and apparently I did it wrong because it was banging around all night long.  I couldn't sleep well.  Ryan came in to my room at 5:00 am!  Seriously?! 

This afternoon I decided we were ALL going to take a nap.  Well, the boys were making so much noise and goofing around.  Finally Ryan fell asleep and I took Evan down stairs to watch cartoons.  Half way through Imagination Movers he was snoring.  And now I'm awake.  But, resting.  And blogging. 

But this cold sucks! 

I promise to be TRULY grateful for something tomorrow. 


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