Friday Thankful

Today I'm thankful for SHOPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY! 

Jess and I decided to go Christmas shopping together on Black Friday!
The stores are opening earlier and earlier each year.  Last year there were several places open at Midnight, and this year we went to a 10:00pm Thursday sale.  I'm not real sure that I like that places make their employees work on Thursday.  I mean, let's keep Thanksgiving sacred, right?  Alas, we, being the ultimate capitalists that we are, were out there with the best of them at 9:30pm. 

We waited outside of Toys R Us in the most bitter cold of nights.  It was 16 degrees out and the line was the most insane thing I've EVER seen.  And, I've been to a few Black Friday events in my life.  If you know how big a Toys R Us is, you'll know that wrapping three-fourths of the way around the building was just insane!  We figured we'd stay inside of the warm car until 10pm and then just go inside with the masses.  No.  They were only letting in 50 people or so at a time.  This really was a good idea.  There had to have been about 2,500 people in front of us so the line took about an hour. 

At 11:00 pm we were finally inside of the store.  And, my goodness, the LINE!  You should have seen it!  The line wove in and out of every single aisle inside of the store.  Jess and I quickly realized this and set up shop taking turns in the line.  I went shopping first while she stood in line, then we swapped.  Then we had all of our gear and another 2 hours to wait in line.  At 1:30am we were out of there with EVERYTHING ON OUR LISTS!  We were so excited! 

We had a little bit of time to kill before JC Penney's opened at 3:30am so we hit up the convenience store for some caffeine, drove home to unload, and get a snack.  Then we sat inside of my nice warm living room whispering so as not to awaken my slumbering husband and children.  Then we were back out shopping for great deals.  Penney's was awesome!  No one knew that although the ad said they were open at 4, they were really open 30 minutes before that.  And, no cold lines outside!  Actually, the whole mall was open at Midnight but then the stores opened up after that. 

At 3:35 am we walked inside of JC Penney's and grabbed our cute ornaments from the little greeters.  I was so excited because I'd never gotten one of those before!  My mother would be so proud!  There was hardly anyone in the store when we first got there.  The sales clerks were super friendly and helpful.  I got so much stuff!  At the bottom of the receipt where it tells you the savings, mine said $323.11 IN SAVINGS!  WAHOO!  We were back at home by 4:15am and in bed five minutes later.  Well, I was.  Jess still had to drive all the way home. 

All I have left are two more gifts, stocking stuffers, and then I will be DONE! 
I SO live for this day each year! 
Thanks for coming along Jess. 

I was going to bring my little camera this year.  I got it all charged up and everything but realized at 10pm that I had left it at home.  Some day, I will photograph this event.  But, I'm always so busy SHOPPING that I don't really think of it! 


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