Monday Thankful

Today I'm thankful for Ryan's school.  Mostly because in spite of the 18 inches of snow we've had in the last 24 hours, they still held school today!  Just kidding.  But seriously, 9 days off in a row are PLENTY for any mom to want school to start back up again. 

I'm so glad that Ryan has the opportunity to attend the school I was fortunate enough to be employed at for the past four years. 

Sprucewood is an amazing school and Ryan has an outstanding teacher. 

I'm a huge advocate for public schools.  The education children can receive for free is incredible. 

Ryan has been learning so much this year already.  I'm so impressed with this math and reading skills.  He's even showing some great spelling potential.  He enjoys school so much and for that, I'm really grateful. 

Here are some pictures of Ryan and his Thanksgiving crafts and pow wow projects. 

Little things like this don't usually last too long in our house.  For two reasons; one, that I will throw them away because I don't want them kicking around the house, or two, because Ryan and Evan will destroy them. 


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