Monday's Thankful

Today Ryan and I are taking a sick day.  I've got a lot to do this week to prepare for my little brother's farewell on Sunday and company coming into town for the event.  I have to say how much easier it is to take a sick day when you're a SAHM.  It's about 100 times easier.  When I was teaching, taking sick days involved quite a lot of preparation, decision making, and agony.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to stay at home with my children.  It hasn't been an easy adjustment.  I'm not the greatest mother in the world, and I'm learning a lot about myself and them through the process.  They are great kids and I love them a lot.  I'm happy with some of the new routines I've put into place with them.  Ryan's doing pretty good in school (aside from talking) and Evan is doing so well with potty training. 
photo by 2Gphotography


dynomitegirl said…
I am sorry you are sick. I didn't know that you are a SAHM. How fun!

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