Did you know that November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBoPoMo)? It is also National Novel Writing Month, and National Diabetes Awareness Month. So... what to blog about? Well, I'm not a Novel Writer, so that's out. I do have diabetes, but that's no fun to blog about, most days. On this blog, I'm making a goal to blog about one thing I'm grateful for each day in the month of November. On my other blog, I'm making a goal to blog each day this month about my diet and exercise.

Today, I'm grateful for fall weather!  I got out and mowed my lawn today.  I also walked the kids to school.  It was wonderful weather.  Definitely a day to be outside.  Fall isn't too long in Utah, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. 


joyous said…
I might have to steal your idea!! I love it! Also, I'm so glad you are enjoying the weather. :)
I might have to steal the 'grateful' thing also! --P.S. Love the main picture of the boys- adorable!

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