Saturday Thankful #2

Can't believe I missed yesterday.  Then again, I can.  We've had company in town for Justin's farewell and we've been very busy cleaning, cooking, decorating, and hanging out together.  Anyway...

Today I'm grateful for music. 

I'm no musician, nor musically talented in any way.  Which isn't for the lack of effort.  I attended a performing arts Elementary School and was trained in violin and clarinet.  I spent probably four years learning the clarinet and still have one but haven't played it in several years.  My choir teacher told me I was a flat singer and I've pretty much been that ever since.  The music classes I took at BYU were pretty difficult for me.  I can't read music but I could lead if I absolutely needed to.

However, I do love to listen to music.  I almost always have the radio turned on.  I like to play classical or some other kind of soothing music while I'm doing more productive tasks.  I like musicals and sound tracks.  I enjoy my iPod and jamming out to good music whenever I can.  I sing along but I wont be auditioning for American Idol any time soon.  Oh, wait.. I'm too old anyway!  Darn. 


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