Saturday Thankful

I hope this doesn't sound cliche but today I'm grateful for life.  I'm grateful for my life, for that of my husband, my children, and my family and friends.  It is all too often that we are reminded of the delicate balance of which our lives hang in.  Illness and tragedies can happen so quickly and claim lives which are so fragile.  Recently I've heard of four or more diagnosed with life threatening, and in one case, life claiming cancer.  Cancer is such a widespread disease, it occurs in people of all ages, and can effect every part of the body.  How lucky we are to have doctors, nurses, modern medicines, and science to help prolong lives and cure illnesses.  I've struggled with health issues but at the same time feel so healthy.  My personal conditions are very manageable and I've worked with great doctors and educators.  I'm grateful that my children are healthy and I'd much rather take the challenges that come to raising "active" aka hyper boys than those of sick children.
This week one of my very best friends found out that her five month old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I went to visit them today.  She and her daughter seem to be doing well.  The baby looks healthy and seems to be taking pretty well to the chemotherapy she is receiving.  My friend has pretty high spirits and seems very at peace and calm.  The doctors and nurses at Primary Children's seem to be taking very good care of them.  If you need someone to fast for this coming Fast Sunday, please do so for them.  Aubree Labarca is the name of the little girl.
My aunt Karen is also suffering from some severe cancer and could use some good prayers and fasting as well.  I will be keeping them both in my thoughts tomorrow.   


dynomitegirl said…
I love your idea, of daily blessed writing. Beautiful

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