Sunday Thankful

I'm thankful for my husband, Colin.

I've been saving this one, and thinking about this post a lot. I'm so grateful to have Colin as my husband. I love him, and am grateful for him because he's so funny, he makes me laugh all the time. When we were first dating, this was something that really attracted me to him. I loved his sense of humor. I don't always get to see it now that he's such a mature and busy business man, but he really is hilarious!

He's passionate, whenever he's into something, he's into it whole hearted. He loves guns, video games, and sports. He'll spend all of his free time doing the things he's most passionate about. And if you've ever had a conversation with him about any of those things, he'll gladly tell you his emphatic opinions on the matter.

He's a hard worker. He has really been busting it at work lately, and doing such a great job! He's told me recently that he's been getting some very favorable feedback and I know that is important and pleasing to him. He's been working on his mater's degree since Evan was an infant and he's only got a few weeks left!

He's a fun dad. He loves to play with the boys; wrestling, laughing, tickling, teasing, playing. They scream and shout the minute they hear the garage door open each night when he comes home from a long hard day at work and school.

He's so laid back and easy going. While he's passionate about his hobbies, he's very laid back about most other things. I've really enjoyed him being so opposite from me in this way. It would be a nightmare if we were both as uptight as I am.

Hes an awesome provider and protector. I've already talked about how hard he works, and that he loves guns! :)

He's handsome. I'll add a picture for proof.

He's mine!

I love you babe!


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