Thanksgiving Day!

I'm thankful for yummy Thanksgiving Day feast food and for the holiday which helps us take a minute (or a whole month) to tell each other that we are thankful for one another in our lives.  This year Colin and I had Thanksgiving dinner at home with our two boys.  We decided to just keep it small and simple.  I cooked everything we enjoy and we had a nice little meal together, complete with LOTS of left-overs. 
Our table all dressed up and set for a Thanksgiving feast. I love my white table cloth because it is so simple.  The gold piece is actually an old curtain but I thought I was so clever layering it on the table.  Gotta love those fun leaf place mats too!  And, I do love the dinnerware set I got for my wedding.  We don't use it very often so it's pretty special when we do.   

 The boys were trying to be patient waiting for the food but my turkey took a little longer than expected.  Oops!  This was really the first one I've done though. 
Colin and the boys ready to eat, and saying "Happy Thanksgiving!" 
Sorry babe, your mouth was open in all of my shots. 

My turn to be in the picture! 


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