Tuesday Grateful

Today I'm grateful for my degree. 
I attended Brigham Young University and I think I declared my major (Elementary Education) on the first day of my Freshman year.  I wanted to be a school teacher from a pretty young age.  I have always loved teaching, I find great joy in watching others learn new things.  In High School I taught swimming lessons which was a lot of fun and I just loved it when a child would learn how to swim or improve their breathing or strokes.  In the classroom, the triumphs were greater and the love of teaching was always with me. 
I taught in the Jordan and Canyons school districts for seven years.  All of that time I spent teaching fifth grade.  I love the age of the kids, about 10 and 11.  The curriculum was a lot of fun to teach.  I think math was my favorite.  I feel like I've written a lot about my career lately, however, I just want to say that I'm thankful that I have my degree and that if I ever need a job, I could get one.  My grandma says that I'm just taking a break from teaching and she's probably right. 


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