Wednesday Grateful

Today I'm grateful for my car. I've done a lot of errand running today and I'm so glad that I have my car to take me around. It isn't anything super fancy but it's cute and I really, really love my car! I love it even more when it has had a nice car wash. One of these days SOMEONE is going to figure out that a really awesome gift for me would be a 10 pack of carwashes. I've occasionally wanted something a little bigger, or newer, or with more gadgets and gizmos; but honestly I've got all I need, and I'm really glad some times that I don't have to drive a huge car, or park one, or pay for the gas to go in it.  We all fit in the car, the trunk is huge, and it's never given me any troubles. When we went to California this summer, I loaded it up with two car seats, two boys, one Mom, one Grandma, one six man tent, four sleeping bags, four camping chairs, an umbrella, two helmets, a backpack of toys, a diaper bag, my purse, one ice chest, five suit cases, a stroller, and the kitchen sink (not really), and took off for THREE WEEKS. We carried all of that crap around with us pretty much the entire time and traded Grandma for Daddy on the ride home. Colin was the one who actually picked out the car, and he really did his research, and made an excellent choice. I think I often take for granted how easy it is to just jump in the car and go wherever I need or want to go whenever I need or want to go there. Just so you all know I am grateful for my car!


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