Christmas Eve

We did a lot of really nice things together at home on Christmas Eve. 
 The boys really enjoyed hanging out with Nana and doing crafts.
 Colin, being a goof ball as usual. 
 Colin and I.  It was so wonderful spending so much time with my husband this break.  He works so many long hours that sometimes I feel like we never see each other. 
 There were a couple of families that went around caroling on Christmas Eve, despite the very cold weather.  One family has a tradition of playing bells for families.  I totally loved this!  I thought it was the neatest thing ever.  There were six children and the parents.  They just happen to be the Stake president and his family. 
 After that, Grandpa Bruce read us the Christmas story from Luke.  He did a really nice job keeping it kid-friendly and it brought a lovely spirit to the home before getting the kids ready for bed. 
 Evan loves his Nana! 
 Bruce teaching Ryan about the difference between Santa and Jesus. 
All of us huddled together for his Christmas lesson.  Sorry Colin, your face was worse in the rest of them :)


I like the bell tradition. That's cool.

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