the tree

I became a little obsessed with the tree the Dean's had decorated. I just absolutely loved the way it looked.  They had four poinsettia garlands running around it and it really brought out all of the sliver and gold on the tree.  All of the ornaments had a story to tell, and that's what I like in a Christmas tree too!

 Bruce "hid" this necklace for Karen in plain sight because she's known for snooping for Christmas presents.  There's a story I've hear about their first Christmas together.  Bruce had bought her a beautiful piece of artwork in a frame.  She was worried that she wouldn't like it so she peeked and to her surprise, she really loved it.  So, she had to pretend to be surprised on Christmas day.  I love this turtle pendant he picked out for her. 

 The Washington DC LDS temple. 
 A Hawaiian Santa and Mrs. Claus.  I love this one!  Bruce spends a lot of time in Hawaii so he's always bringing home cute little things from there. 

 I love this village that Karen has, it's really a beautiful set! 


The tree is beautiful! I, too, like to pick up an ornament from places we visit. I also buy one for the kids each year representing something from the year (i.e. a kayak for Chandler this year since he went kayaking for the first time). It's so fun to decorate when you can reminisce.

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