New Year's Day 5K

So I got this crazy idea that my mom and I should do a 5K on January 1st.  Draper City was doing their firs t annual New Year's Day 5K.  So, we signed up.  My mom and I are not runners.  We did not run it.  It was advertised as a walk, run, stroll, etc. event.  So, this is really something we do pretty much once a week, even on the same trail.  It was the Porter Rockwell trail down in Draper.  I'm not sure why but the night before and morning of I was pretty nervous. I guess that's just because I'd never done one before.  I wasn't really hesitant about just walking but afterward I felt a little silly that we were really only amongst a few who walked the entire way.  So, I set a goal that next year I'll run it.  I hate running.  Hate it, a lot!  But, I guess I'd like to learn how to run and really give it a go more this year.  I know that with my feet the way they are (plantar facitis) that it will be hard, but I'm hoping that I'm about done with pf very soon.  It has been about 7 months since I first realized that I have it and they say it only lasts about 9-12 months. 
Anyway, there were about 215 runners at the 5K.  I knew five other participants besides my mom and me.  The major news about the whole thing is that we were having a "deep freeze" weather pattern.  The high for the day was 14.  During our walk it was about 10 degrees.  I think I was really more nervous about how to dress for exercise in that weather but it all worked out well.  We got warm pretty quickly, Mom and I kept a really, really good pace for us.  I was pretty proud of that.  And, we didn't come in last either. 
 Our runners packets with a long-sleeved t-shirt, a water, a granola bar, three laffy taffy's and some magazine.
 Mom with her t-shirt.
 Me trying not to get too cold before we started out. 
 Everyone lined up at the start.
 Mom at the end of the 5K.
 Me at the finish line with my participant medal.
So my meter was in the car during the race.  When I went to test, it was too cold and wouldn't work.  Our waters had also frozen inside of the car.  It was that cold!
A video of the starting.
Proof of the cold temperature. 


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