The boys and I have had a rough week.  They have been super sick all week and I've been in a definite funk.  Yesterday I decided that painting would be a good way to brighten up our gloomy, cold, gray, January week.  The boys really like to do crafts and homework and such, I enjoy it too and I think I always have, I'm glad it's something we can do together for fun, even if I have to do all of the cleaning up at the end. 

 I think this is a picture of me in a rain storm. 
 Notice mine has a huge sun since we haven't seen Mr. Golden Sunshine in W-E-E-K-S!
I didn't ask Evan what his is.  But, he intended on painting a tree, so that's probably what it is.  Jess, don't you think it looks just like the pumpkin he painted?  LOL!


joyous said…
So cute! I love how super serious they are with their artwork. I hate the clean up too, but they really do love it. What great mom!
Hope your boys are feeling better soon! (and that we all see some actually sunshine)
Christie said…
Im sorry you have all been sick,
painting sunshine sounds like a fabulous way to spend a freezing, cold January day!

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