School Days

Ryan has been doing some really fun things at school lately so I thought I'd share those with some recent pictures!  These are a bit random but they all occurred in the past two months
This week he had 100's day at school.  That's 100 days of Kindergarten!  They did a little celebrating that day and he came home with all sorts of fun things.  These are a pair of "100" eyes, and a sheet he made in the computer lab.  100 stamps in a nice grid.  He did a great job on that and was really excited about showing me what he had made. 
Another 100's day thing, a train of numbers, counting by 10's to 100. 

This was his Valentine's Day party at school.

During one of their units they learned about the seasons and what to wear in those different seasons. 
They dressed up this guy, named Sam, in winter gear for the current season.

Another winter unit was penguins.  They learned all about penguins and Ryan was in love with the animal, coming home each day to tell me interesting facts about them.  When he came home with this penguin mask on he wanted to wear only black and white to school so he could match.  Then when I was in the pick-up lane, he waddled out to the car like a penguin.  What a funny kid!

This was pancakes and pajamas day.  I'm not sure if there was a special meaning behind the day or not... but it sure was fun to wear PJ's to school and eat one of your most favorite foods too!

The same day, Mrs. Graham reading to the class while they relax in their p.j's. 
I got to help out with the Mother Goose Olympics this week.  They've been studying Nursery Rhymes all month and they culminated with this gym activity.  There were six different stations to which the kids rotated.  I had Jack be Nimble where they jumped over "can"dlesticks, Humpty Dumpty, where they put together an egg puzzle, and Simple Simon where they raced with a pie tin on their heads.  It was a really chaotic day and the kids were especially wound up.  When they finally made it down to the gym, we'd gotten into about two rotations when the fire alarm went off.  It was actually a preschooler who was there with his mom helping with the event who pulled the alarm.  What a crazy day! The kids thought it was great fun though. 

Jumping over CANdlesticks

Ryan's team completing their puzzle.


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