Makeover: Bed Edition

I feel like it's pretty normal for me to blog about some kind of new bedding this time of year.  I guess it's my way of getting through the long, cold winters by bringing some color into my decor. 

A few weeks back I posted on facebook that my bed was broken.  We've had the same bed frame for a very long time and it was a hand-me-down at that.  I was a little bit glad inside when it broke because I realized I'd finally be getting a bed!  I've had my eye on this head and foot board at IKEA for about two years.  This year it dropped in price by like $100 so I knew this was the one that I wanted. 

Colin trusted me enough to send me shopping by myself.  I even loaded the thing into the car all by myself!  Colin put the whole thing together and I love it!  I love the way it looks and we already had the matching bedside tables and lamps.  Now all I needed was some really pretty bedding. 

Last year I bought this set from Kohl's but I ruined it in the washing machine to a point beyond repair.  I had a gift card from Christmas to Macy's from my father-in-law and held onto it until after we purchased the bed.  I found this awesome set worth $270. in the clearance bin for $70.!  I was really excited.  I threw some of the shams and accent pillows from the old set with it and I totally love the whole ensemble.  I don't love the chocolate brown wall in our room but I'm too lazy to paint over it.  This set goes so much better with the whole room and I feel much more like it's a retreat than what it was before.  Now if my children would just stay out of our room! 


The Halladays said…
Very nice :) I love the headboard- good call!

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