Evan Turns 3!

I think Evan was pretty excited to have his Birthday finally roll around.  He knew he wanted a super hero cake.  That's really all he asked for.  The super hero changed almost weekly until we settled on Super Man.  I was able to find him the perfect cake at the-only-store-I'm-allowed-to-shop at so that was really convenient.  We planned a party for the day before his Birthday since it fell on a Sunday and that's a really good day for the family to get together.  We had Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Cole, and Emry over to our house for pizza, cheesy bread, fruit, veggies, cake and ice cream.  We spent the whole weekend scrubbing the house and getting into trouble for any little (or big, or even enormous) messes which were made.  Then on Saturday we ran errands like mad getting the cake, pizza, balloons, and gifts ready for his celebrations.  The boys were so super naughty on Saturday that I was super relieved when Sunday ran so completely smoothly I couldnt' believe it.  Then at the end of the day when all was said and done, I reached into my camera to pull out the SD car and it wasn't inside.  I tried plugging in the camera cord but there was nothing there.  None of the pictures I took were actually saved anywhere.  I couldn't believe it.  Pictures mean everything to me.  I couldn't believe I missed an entire birthday worth of photos.  I was devastated.  Then I remembered that I had taken a picture of the cake on my phone and I figured I could just recreate the rest.  So, when you notice that all of the pictures look completely staged, that there are no photos of him blowing out his candles, or ripping through the wrapping paper at lightening speed, you're right.  These are fake party pictures taken on his actual Birthday.  Lesson learned.  Settings changed.   

This is the wiggle car I bought for Evan's third birthday.  He loves it, and so does his big brother!

This is the bat and ball Ryan decided he wanted to buy for his brother months ago
when he purchased his own bat and ball for T-ball this spring. 

This is a new swimmy outfit from Grandpa. 
It's CARS and begged me all day to take him swimming just so he could wear it. 
A new outfit from Grandma. 
Bambi or "bandee" as Evan pronounces it.
Keens from Aunt Jessie and Uncle Cole.  She has the BEST hook-ups! 
Evan loves these shoes.  He calls them "brontosaurus" shoes and I'm not sure why
but I do know that he's in love with them. 
I'm so glad I took this picture on my phone! 
We were quite happy with how his cupcake cake turned out.
Happy Birthday Evan!  I totally love you to pieces. 


Me and mine's said…
Happy Birthday Evan! Time flies~hate it when the camera doesnt work on special moments like these...glad you were able to recover the bday pic of the cupcake..that was pretty cool-hehe Love you guys! :D
Covergirls said…
The cupcake cake is great!
Jessica said…
It was a fun Birthday! He's growing up way too fast though! Love you Evster!~Aunt Jessie
Missy said…
oh my heck, Evan is 3! He is getting so big. I love his spikey doo :)
The McNews said…
I LOVE the hair! Especially when he made some of those faces...too funny! Sweet boy looks like he had a wonderful day :D

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