This is my hair. 
I usually wear it something like this...
Which is the exact same hairstyle I've had since Senior Year.

Sometimes, I wear it down...

and sometimes it's in a pony tail

Sometimes it is short

getting a little creative with the regular 'do

I looked and looked and looked for that picture of me with the cute side pony and flower embellishment that my cousin Karen made, but couldn't find it anywhere. I guess I must have deleted it.

and once or twice a year I'll take the effort (yes, it's plenty) to straighten out those curls

I've highlighted it

and I've taken out the highlights (and not one single person noticed the change)

I do like my hair... but I'm not sure that what I do with it is the full potential, if you know what I mean.  
If you had this head of hair, what would you do?  Or, what do you like that I have done? 


joyous said…
Ummm, there is always the short 'do. :) You said you have gone short before, but I mean short, short. I'm loving my short hair right now. I usually wear it straight, but I really love it curly too. My hairdresser used her razor scissors and really thinned it out, so it's not a triangle either. Another idea is the brazilian blowout and you could be straight for a few weeks, but they are rather pricey. Good luck, I know hair can be a challenge.
Abes and Stace said…
As someone who went to cosmetology school - my advice is when you want a big change and have no idea what would look good - then you have to go to the best of the best. It may cost more, but after the initial cut/color, anyone else can usually keep it up.
Chris at Jagged Edge in Draper (in front of Kohls) is amazing. He is super expensive, but he owns the salon and teaches at hair shows and things. He did the most incredible cut on my moms hair and then I just kept it up for her.
That's my advice.............:) I like your hair curly, but it might be a fun change for you to have a cut that just really lays different for you. Post pics whatever you decide!
joyous said…
Oh yeah, that is definitely good advice from Stace. I also forgot to mention that I love all the pics of you in this post. :)
Megan Rose said…
I remember when you had highlights in your hair when we taught together. I also remember the first time you took your glasses off at lunch and thinking "Wow, you look a little different without glasses." ha ha.

I like your hair curly. I've never had curly hair so I don't have any suggestions. I would worry that I would suggest something and then it wouldn't work and you couldn't go back. YIKES!

I don't think you should go way short. The thinning out idea sounds right. Definitely go to someone who has dealt with curly hair before. Don't just go to anybody.

Love you!
Me and mine's said…
I like Stace's advice...if you want change-lots of layers more in the front to show a little more change or even slices of color to show more definition...still love your curls but to look for chng...that's my thought! LOL You're still beautiful either way-take a pic when you decide to make that change! Layers take a lot more work which is hard w/kids...speaking from my own personal experience. hehe Love ya! :)
Jessica said…
A friend of mine has reallyy curley hair like yours. She is around your same age as well & she did a long A-Line & It is so cute! I think this would be a good change for you. Just sassy enough but not too drastic. She kept the front about shoulder length & then the back only a couple inches shorter in the shortest spot. This way, if you hated it, you could always even things up. I think it would be fun & different for you.

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